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Zelda and Harley

Pulsar Rope Lead with Biothane Handle

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Our pre-designed  rope leads have a comfortable Biothane handle, and are handcrafted.


The ropes are made from polypropylene, which is a lightweight material that does not absorb water, so even when it's wet, it remains lightweight. The Biothane handle gives it a comfortable grip, while also being easy to clean and waterproof.

- Rope thickness: 10mm

- Length: 1.2 meters (4ft)

- Black hardware



As the items are handmade, there might be some slight differences in rope length, but we do our best to keep it consistent.


Please note no products are indestructible, and make sure to always check your products for wear and tear before each use.


We do not hold any responsibility of any injuries or damages in results of using our products.


Items are not chew proof, so please store them away from your pets.

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